‘Please forward to Nel and Rebecca just how much I enjoyed the course which certainly re-ignited my energy for pastel painting after 18 months of an ‘artists block’. They both took so much time and always with such good humour to make you feel a worthy participant throughout the 3 day course. Certainly the best instructional workshop I have attended stretching from the North of Scotland to Penzance! ‘    Christine R.               Atmosphere and Nature Course at Old Sleningford, August 2015

‘It really was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. No, I’ll amend that, it WAS the best. Good company, but above all, I felt both the girls really cared that we all really achieved something over the 3 days. I do hope I can come again next year. Please give them my thanks and good wishes. ‘   Jill H.             Life and Energy, Stoke Canon, October 2015

‘Just to say what a brilliant course it was  you are both so inspirational and compliment each other in the way you work. I really have more self confidence to continue. Thanks also  to Andre for the contribution to the lovely food . I must say that it is a good venue for the art , space , light for working and a good kitchen with parking.’   Jane F.    Atmosphere & Nature Course, Stoke Canon, 2014

‘I just wanted to write to say how much I valued the opportunity of being with you both again. You work so well together and I can see how your school is evolving with each teaching experience.  Your teaching plan is extremely well thought out and balanced; it is highly intensive but you reach out to your students on so many levels, adding layers of experience and competence with every session.  The interactive classes had us all totally engaged and we learned so much more from discussing how to finish your picture. You are professionals with a capital ‘P’ and you give of your best in everything that you offer your students in terms of materials, food and of yourselves.’    Claire B.                                                                         Life and Movement Course, Old Sleningford, 2014,

‘I am so impressed with the variety of help available to back-up the 3 day course I have just attended. My thanks to Nel and Rebecca for the thorough way in which this course is run.  Its truly inspiring.  My confidence has been restored regarding my art work.  My sincere thanks for the help and encouragement I received.’      Angela.               Foundation Course at Old Sleningford, April 2015



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